In case you've been living under a rock, Jessica Jones season two has dropped! Nearly three years after the brilliant inaugural output, Jake + Mitch break-down the first three episodes of Season 2. Could it possibly live-up to the near-flawless standard first season? And who--or what--is the season two villain? And more... Plus, J+M give review of the award-winning indie comic book, Alien Toilet Monsters. Give a listen! And don't forget to rate and review. SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube


ZACK SNYDER: Bold & Innovative, Dramatically Overrated, or just Meh? Jake + Mitch decide once-and-for-all if Snyder deserves a place at the head table with the best in the game. Gloves are off! In one corner, Jake carrying the "Con" banner. In the opposite corner, Mitch with the "Pro" movement. They may not discover the secret to world peace, but they do find common ground among 300's placement as his best, and shoot holes through the glaringly imperfect Batman v Superman. Does Snyder deserve another shot in the DCEU? Give a listen to find out. Don't forget to rate and review! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube


#WatchingComicsWatchTheWatchmen Are the WC Crew prophets? Because they may have birthed this reboot themselves. Continuing a conversation that started nine years ago in China (no seriously), Jake & Mitch put together their dream casts for HBO's upcoming Watchmen project. Along the way, they debate Michael Fassbender vs Donald Glover; JK Simmons' scary ripped persona; and pray the dark lord himself, Alan Moore, isn't listening. “None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with ME!" SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube


Going throwback all the way back to 2017. Jake & Mitch dust off the archives to bring you a break-down of Spider-Man Homecoming, Michael Keaton's resurgence, and the all-time ranking of Spidy Flicks and respective actors. Sling some web and give a listen! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube

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