Deadpool 2 - All the Laughs

"Papa can you hear me?" Jake + Mitch gush over the brilliant writing and new comic book meta-verse Deadpool establishes. Because it's good to have a stand-alone something-or-other among all the crazy mess of MCU & DCEU. Plus, Josh Brolin as Captain Planet; Ryan Reynolds the next Daniel Day-Lewis; Domino dominates; X-Force wins the day in death; and Jake saves his marriage. There's a lot of good nuggets to find in this one. Give a listen!...and then give Yentl a well-deserved re-watch. SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube

DCEU - What's Next?

Justice League was a flop. Fans are suffering from Zack Snyder fatigue. Where does the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) go from here? Jake + Mitch break-down the next slew of flicks from the DC / Warner Bros. cannon for the next two years. Don't worry, they still find time to dump on Spider-Man 3; Put the brakes on Batman; and get oddly optimistic about Aquaman. Hopefully the DCEU finds a resurgence. It's gotta get better...right? Give a listen. Rate and Review too! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube

Shut Up and Give it To Me - Vol. I

We live in the age of superheroes. But there's still so much more to be had! Jake + Mitch give their top choices of comic books they hope one day make it to the big or small screens. What if Sandman finally gets the Netflix treatment w/ JGL? Could Viggo Mortensen be the greatest middle-aged Superman ever? They answer these bold questions, and so much more. Entertain some "What if's" and give a listen! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube

Infinity War - All the Feels

So many characters. So much craziness. So much death. Jake + Mitch dive into the pool of feels as they rehash all that worked and flopped with Avengers Infinity War. Jake cries and cheers simultaneously; Mitch complains about Vision's love life; and both bow at the throne of Thanos. Plus a quick hit on the DCEU v MCU villain debate. Give a listen! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube

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