Spider-Man 1 - Revisiting Tobeyland

Cue the nostalgia as we venture back into Tobeyland. Jake + Mitch break-down the movie that started the wave of 21st Century Comic Book Flicks--Spider-Man 1. Though it may not have aged well, it still holds up...right? At the end of the day, there's just something great about a summer blockbuster free from the grip of an extended universe. And by episode's end, Jake reaches the final stage of grief. It'll make sense when you hear it. Plus, Willem Dafoe wins the movie; Spidey suit rankings; and the awkward Dunst / Maguire chemistry. Give a listen! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube

Booster Gold - Fixing His Movie

The DCEU needs help, and the answer may be found in everyone's favorite 25th Century washed-up football player. Jake + Mitch give a deep-dive on Booster Gold, his appealing character traits, and who should don the gold and blue suit in the movie. Most importantly, they find common ground on the Edgar Wright bandwagon--pleading for him to steer the ship. Maybe the answer to fixing the DECU can be found in the Marvel approach--send the heavy-hitting icons backstage for a spell while the lesser-known gems can find the spotlight. Booster Gold would be a great start. Plus, how much does a piece of the Agro Crag going on eBay these days? Give a listen! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / Y

SPAWN and His Movies

Dust off the POGs and slam some surge, the 90's are comin' in hot! In celebration of the newly announced SPAWN movie, Jake + Mitch re-visit the 1997 awesomely-bad-classic first cinematic installment. Is there a good movie buried under the horrendous CGI and sloppy narrative?...Maybe not. But at least John Leguizamo's Clown was....something. Plus, the guys give initial takes on the new installment written and directed by Todd McFarlane himself and starring the hot-and-cold Jamie Foxx. Yay or nay? Give a listen! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube

Guest - "Tanoshiboy" - Artist & Comic Book Geek

SPECIAL GUEST + FREE STUFF! Popular illustrator, artist, and comic book superfan Daniel "Tanoshiboy" Salvadier stops by to share his cool comic-book-geekery. Jake + Mitch + Dennis re-visit the 90's-tastic live action Flash series, break-down the best Spider-Man flick, give Batman v Superman it's due and much, much more. Dennis also gives us the scoop behind his exclusive partnership with Fandango and Disney. Plus, details on how you can possibily score some free original Spider-Man art from "Tanoshiboy" himself. Give a listen, and check out Dennis' awesome portfolio! SalvatierStudios.com - Instagram: @Tanoshiboy SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube

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