Luke Cage S2, E4 - 8

The OG hosts are back! Slowly but surely, Jake + Mitch are making their way through season two of Luke Cage. One greater question remains unanswered: Has Luke Cage discovered he's not the most interesting character on his own show? Also, thoughts on Bushmaster, Mariah, and the placement of LCs2 in the Defenders canon. As a nice added bonus, Jake shares the history of losing his hair freshman year. Be sure to dive-in and give a listen! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube

Fixing the Fantastic Four

SPECIAL GUEST + HOT TAKES Filmmaker and Comic-Book Aficiando, Nick Miller, jumps-in for a fantastic appearance. Jake + Nick celebrate a decades-long friendship by dishing-on all things Fantastic Four, why the movies suck, and how it can get better. Because, at the end of the day, the F4 crew and Dr. Doom deserve better. Who better to dictate what that looks like than the WCP squad? Don't worry, Mitch will be back next week...Unless there's a coup brewing. Give a listen and become best friends with Nick! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube

Luke Cage S2; E1-3

After a long two years, Luke Cage is back! Jake + Mitch dive-into the first episodes and address the looming Cotton-Mouth hangover; Rosario Dawson's MVP status; Relationship stakes; and Kingpin vs Mariah. Plus, a quick shout-out to Black Panther! Will Luke Cage Season 2 survive its initial pacing issues? Hard to tell yet, but we're hopeful. Give a listen! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube

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