MCU Adding X-Men?

Make room, Marvel, 'cuz the Mutants are moving-in! Before Jake + Mitch re-build the X-Men mythology for the MCU, they break-down the nostalgic philosophy of Zebra Stripe Gum and Bubble Tape. Because the '90's are still important to two 30-something bald dudes with kids. Next, Mitch introduces Apocalypse Order, the new way to view the X-Men Extended Universe; while Jake dumps Prof. X and Mags for a new 'Schism' in the ever-growing Avengers arena. Plus, Benicio del Toro as Wolverine? It makes more sense than you may think. And don't worry...they guys found time to shout-out everyone's favorite geriatric sitcom, The Golden Girls, and briefly throw-down over Star Wars prequels. Basically, this e

Re-Visiting Affleck's Daredevil

Strap into your time machines as we venture back to the time of Bennifer, life before Twitter, and 19 year-old Jake still rocking the hair. The year is 2003, and the movie in question: Daredevil. Starring Ben Affleck (post Kevin Smith; pre-directing phase), Jennifer Garner, Michael Clark Duncan, and the gloriously over the top Colin Farrell. Filled with early '00's camp, Daredevil sure tries hard...But does it still hold up? Or, did it ever? That question leads Jake + Mitch down the path of re-defining the whole era of Comic Book cinema we find ourselves in. With a quick history lesson, and brief power ranking--the guys definitively declare 1997 - 2007 the Silver Age of Comic Movies. Plu

Definitive Batmen Rankings

Everything has been leading to this moment. The time has come for the internet to have the definitive ranking of the Batmen. Jake + Mitch go full-blaze geektastic over the task of ranking the large and small screen performances of Batman. Takes are hot, nostalgia is thick, and the caped crusader still reigns supreme. Plus, Christian Bale gets demoted; Mitch breaks-down the Ben Affleck career Oreo; and Jake is forced to kill one of Green Lantern, Daredevil, or Batman. It all makes sense in context. Give a listen! * Watching Comics Podcast is a member of the Geek Dad Podcast Network * SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Spreaker | CastBox | YouTube | Stitcher

Aquaman + Shazam! Trailers

The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is revealed! Jake + Mitch bask in their new-found mid-level Podcast fame, and lobby to grab their own Oscars category. Plus, thoughts on Google paranoia, Skynet self checkouts, and conspiracy theories. Don't worry, they hit on the new DCEU trailers too. Aquaman disappoints while Shazam! blows the doors off the joint. Still there's a lot left to speculate. Also, Mark strong is awesome and got a bad shake in the Green Lantern flick. Give a listen to a particularly random and laugh-heavy episode! * The Watching Comics Podcast is a member of the GeekDad Podcast Network * SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Spreaker | CastBox | YouTube

Luke Cage - S2 Finale

Is it possible to love the show's ending while hating how you got there? That's kind of what Luke Cage S2 feels like. Jake + Mitch close the book on the follow-up season and give it their final grades. Along the way the craft a much "better" version of how the season could've been. Plus, Mariah becomes Vito Corleone, Bushmaster wins the season, and Iron Fist ruins everything. Don't forget, big announcement dropping next week! Be sure to subscribe, rate, and review. Give a listen! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / Spreaker / Cast Box / YouTube

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