AQUAMAN- Good or Meh?

Permission to come aboard?! After swimming in the vibrant ocean of Atlantis and Schwarzenegger-style one-liners, Jake + Mitch emerge to dish on the DECU’s latest installment, AQUAMAN. And briefly throw-down over MAN OF STEEL. They also tackle pressing questions: -- Is AQUAMAN a good movie? -- Where does it rank in the DCEU? -- Dafoe’s man-bun, good, bad, or epic? If nothing else, no doubts James Wan came to play. AQUAMAN goes hard, and provides more familiar entertainment and laughter than we saw coming. All in all, this one ranks among the more visually stunning and plain fun movie theatre experiences of recent memory. This flick deserves to be seen on the big screen. Give a listen, a

SPIDERVERSE & Ranking Spidey Flicks

And just like that, everything changes. Jake + Mitch dive into the innovative and colorful world of animated awesomeness. SPIDERMAN INTO THE SPIDERVERSE has burst onto the scene with fresh, vibrant visuals, impeccable humor, and surprising nuance. Basically what we're saying is: This movie is really flippin' good. does it stack-up against the other animated titan of the year, INCREDIBLES 2? Where does SPIDERVERSE rank in the list of Spidey Flicks? And what do we make of superhero movies going forward? They guys share their takes on mainstream animation in the comic book arena; and yes, they still find time to trash SPIDER-MAN 3. Give a listen! Hosts: @MitchRoush and @Thatjakeow

Guest - Zack Q. of Batman's Bookcase

WCP hits the big-time with writer, comic reader, and fanboy, Zack Quaintance. Jake + Mitch sit down with their new BFF, Zack, to dish on the origin story of the successful comic book opinion web-site, BATMAN'S BOOKCASE. Along the way they touch on toxic fandom, Iron Man's surprising appeal and staying power, Tobey's Spider-Man, and Zack's Top 5 Comic Book Flicks. But most of all, they settle the debate once and for all between Cake or Pie. This one proves to be a good hang; complete with love (and less than love) for LOGAN and CIVIL WAR. It'll make sense, we promise. Hit Zack up on Twitter: @BatmansBookcase And be sure to check out The Watching Comics Podcast is a me

Best On-Screen Comic Book Moments of 2018

Between BLACK PANTHER’s record-breaking box office run, Thanos’ shiny bling, DAREDEVIL’s triumphant return…and exit, and the endless cycle of leaks, trailers, debates, and tweets—2018 may have been the year of the comic book. Jake + Mitch look back on their favorite on-screen moments from comic-inspired TV and Movies. Coogler’s BLACK PANTHER remains the best of the year…at least until SPIDERVERSE drops. DEADPOOL 2 and JESSICA JONES get some love, and an underrated masterpiece from Netflix snags the spotlight. (Looking at you END OF THE F***ING WORLD). And looking forward, they gush on the CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer and forecast hope for DCEU’s future. Be sure to share your favorite on-screen m

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