Oscars for Black Panther & Spiderman?

It's official, 2018 was the year of comic book movies! Jake + Mitch geek-out over the Oscar love for BLACK PANTHER and SPIDER-MAN INTO THE SPIDERVERSE. After all, it's not very often the nerds get invited to step out on the red carpet. But does Wakanda have a chance to take home the top prize? And did SPIDERVERSE deserve a Top 10 nod? In addition to celebrating comics' arrival to the exclusive club, the guys briefly break-down the field of Best Picture nominees; debate SHAWSHANK vs PULP FICTION; and share the life-changing nature of organic gummi bears. So yeah, a lot happened. Break out the bubbly, and give a listen! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Spotify | Spreaker | CastBox | YouTube | Stitcher Do

X-MEN Movies Ranked

Nearly a dozen movies deep, the time has come to decided: Which X-MEN movies are the best of the bunch? Back for an epic second appearance, friend of pod Nick Miller stops by. He + Jake dive-deep into the cinematic world of Fox's X-MEN flicks. And Mitch? He was busy saving the world...or taking a nap. Flying Mitchless, the guys break down the pressing questions: - Does DEADPOOL make the cut? - What do we make of the big blue dude? - Which flicks takes the top spot? Because, at the end of the day, these mutants have stood the test of time. Here's hoping they keep the movies comin'. Give a listen! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Spotify | Spreaker | CastBox | YouTube | Stitcher *WCP is a member of the


Jake + Mitch harken back to sweet 90’s nostalgia of another childhood favorite, Disney’s THE ROCKETEER. Because if these guys don’t preserve the legacy of pre-renaissance Comic Flicks, who will? Struggling the break out of DICK TRACY’s shadow, THE ROCKETEER underperformed at the box office. While it’s still enjoyed a near cult-classic status, it still begs the question: Does the movie hold-up? The guys breakdown the, at the time, surprising villainous turn for James Bond; share favorite Disney Jr. shows; and grapple with two Oscar winners owning the screen in this under-seen title. At the end of the day, the Nazis lose and the good guys win. What’s not to love? Give a listen and rate and

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