Fan-Casting, Vol. 3

The Watching Comics Podcast has officially reached trilogy status! Jake + Mitch roll out the third installment of Shut Up And Give It To Me, where they break-down the comic books they'd most like to see hit the big or small screen. Because when it comes to comic-inspired entertainment, enough is never enough. Jake shares his vision for a long overlooked Spider-Man project, and a Kevin Smith helmed Green Lantern espionage thriller. Mitch unveils his favorite read of 2018 in TKO's landmark new series, SARA, while a connection to the farting masterpiece, SWISS ARMY MAN. Don't worry, he rounds the whole thing out with a surprising take on THE INCREDIBLES. Will any of the projects get green-lit?


Batffleck is out, and Gumshoe Bat is in. So how much can we speculate? Jake + Mitch venture to the Batcave to dish on the latest news surrounding Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN. With two more years till release date, a lot of questions still need to be answered: Who will don the cape? Which villain gets the nod? Should they include Deathstroke in the script? The guys share their best guesses on potential story lines (LONG HALLOWEEN); discuss the merits of remaking MASK OF THE PHANTASM; and declare the Batman origin story forever off-limits. Of course, all that comes after they stroll down memory lane and share their favorite 24 hour truck-stop stories. College was crazy. Give a listen! SUBSCRIBE

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