James Gunn - MCU + DCEU

James Gunn is the first director to work in both DCEU and MCU…and people have lots of feelings about it. Jake + Mitch dig deeper into the expectations surrounding SUICIDE SQUAD (2?) and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 3. Obviously, the controversy surrounding these upcoming projects won’t be bowing-out quietly anytime soon. The guys ask a few pressing questions: Do we even need a third GUARDIANS? Can we assume SQUAD 2 will be better than the first? How will these flicks be remembered? With a lot to unpack, there’s certainly no shortage on takes. Plus, Mitch’s car bites the dust and lives to share the story. Give a listen, rate, and review! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Spotify | Spreaker | CastBox | YouTu

Reviewing CAPTAIN MARVEL w/ Maite

Harder. Better. Faster. Carol Danvers has blown the doors off the joint and we’re all the better for it! Jake + Mitch welcome Maite Molina-Muniz from ComicsVerse to dish on the high-velocity amazingness of MCU’s latest installment, CAPTAIN MARVEL. In true fierce fashion, Maite sheds light on Brie Larson’s platform and her work to celebrate women and critics of color in the industry. But the biggest question looms: Does CM crack the MCU Top 5? Jake, Mitch & Maite share their lists after taking a deep-dive into the MySpace hole; gushing over Annette Benning and Nirvana; dissecting origin fatigue; and declaring the best Hulk of all-time. So much awesomeness packed into one episode, so give a


Say what you will, but we know perfection when we see it. After finishing Netflix’s UMBRELLA ACADEMY, Jake + Mitch ask the life-altering question: When approaching comic-inspired Movies + TV, are we better off not knowing anything about the source material? So yeah, UA is that good. And lots of stuff happened…a bunch of which didn’t happen in the comic run. But you know what? That’s okay! Ultimately, it’s all about the tone of the medium, and the granting the narrative enough space to breath. That, and, a cool Tiffany dance-break. The guys break down their favorite performances from the season; hypothesize on season two arcs; and fall down the LOST rabbit hole for a few. After all that


Marvel who?! Jake + Mitch dive-in on whether or not THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY is primed to fill Netflix's comic series sized hole. If nothing else, TUA comes out the gate sprinting and is as much fun as it is visceral. After a bitter re-hashing of the Oscars, the guys identify their favorite TUA characters, best moments, and dissect the obvious Zack Snyder comparisons. Of course, only half way thru the inaugural season, a few glaring questions remain: - Will Pogo break bad? - What do we make of Grace "Mom"? - Does Vanya really have powers? So much to cover, and even more left to find out. Either way, THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY is here to stay, and we are glad for it. Give a listen! SUBSCRIBE: iTun

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