MCU 11 Years Later

A lot can happen in 11 years. 20 movies, sequels upon sequels, a best picture nomination and a pop-cultural phenomenon unseen since The Beatles hit the states. Or, for Jake + Mitch, they finished college, found partners, bought houses and had kids. Either way, we've seen a lot, and with AVENGERS ENDGAME dropping this weekend, a sense of finality grows stronger. Taking all the feels in stride, the guys re-visit the biggest moments for the MCU's world building: - Does the whole thing crumble without Robert Downey Jr.? - Where would we be without Kevin Feige? - Which is worse, AGE OF ULTRON or DARK WORLD? Whether Thanos survives or Captain Marvel saves us all, we can definitively say prior t

HELLBOY 2.0 - Yay or Nay?

Like it or not, Hellboy 2.0 is here. Jake + Mitch breakdown what worked and didn't work in the over-stuffed re-boot, HELLBOY. With a deep love for the comics, Jake had high hopes. Mitch, not so much...maybe the staggeringly low Rotten Tomatoes score has something to do with it. But there's more... - In the shadow of GDT, did this movie stand a chance? - Should we appreciate the home-run swing this movie took? - Will we see David Harbour don the horns and chops again? Plus, a quick philosophical turn towards the societal affects of social media, and why Rotten Tomatoes is just plain dumb. Give a listen! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Spotify | Spreaker | CastBox | YouTube | Stitcher *WCP is a memb

SHAZAM! - Yay or Nay?

Say the magic word! Jake + Mitch aren’t exactly bearded wizards, but they did see the latest DCEU installment. SHAZAM! packs loads of fun and heart, but does it stand-up to the other top-tier comic flicks? While it may not be pantheon worthy, it still leaves much to cover: Did Mark Strong have enough space to show his chops? Was Asher Angel the low-key MVP? What does this mean for The Rock's BLACK ATOM? At the end of the day, SHAZAM! keeps the ball rolling in the right direction for Warner Bros. Don’t worry, the guys re-shuffle their DCEU rankings. And Mitch embarks on a secret vigelante mission. Give a listen! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Spotify | Spreaker | CastBox | YouTube | Stitcher *WCP is

Trailer Reactions - JOKER

Put on a happy face. Jake + Mitch re-surface to dish on the surprise teaser for Todd Phillips' new JOKER movie. And basically, they're ready to rave on the year's biggest movie no one knew they needed. The guys also hit a few pressing questions: - Is the move from Leto to Phoenix the single best character upgrade in comic flicks? - Is there such a thing as too much TAXI DRIVER influence? - Why hasn't Joaquin won an Oscar yet? From the brief two-and-a-half minute window, it seems as though Phillips and Phoenix may have cracked the code to avoiding character fatigue. And now, we wait until October. Give a listen, and rate + review on iTunes! SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Spotify | Spreaker | CastBox

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