Scott Pilgrim, Batman Forever & Forgotten Favorites

Which comic-book-inspired movies deserve more love? Jake + Mitch dive headfirst into the underrated waters to dish on the not-so-iconic titles that deserve a second chance. Or, at least, carry thick nostalgia that's worth re-visiting. The big takeaway remains, though Marvel and DC dominate the zeitgeist, we've plenty of "lesser known" comic movies to enjoy that still hold up. The guys dare to ask: - BATMAN FOREVER or BATMAN BEGINS: Which is better? - Is SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD a coming-of-age masterpiece? - Karl Urban vs Sly Stallone: Who wins? And much, much more. Be sure to stick around for the end; because THE TICK gets a special shout-out as well. Give a listen, and rate and revi

INCREDIBLE HULK & Ed Norton w/ Maite of ComicsVerse

Contrary to popular belief, we like him when he's angry. Jake + Mitch dish on the oft forgotten MCU gem, THE INCREDIBLE HULK. More importantly, ComicsVerse's Maite Molina-Muñiz (@_maite14) joins the discussion in her lauded second pod appearance. Along the way they hit a few pressing questions: - Is Edward Norton the best Hulk? - Did this movie solve origin fatigue back in 2008? - And what's with Marvel underserving Liv Tyler, Natalie Portman & Rachel McAdams? Hot takes are shared, green dudes debated, and Captain America gets demoted. Oh, and they may have cast Daniel Day-Lewis in his first comic book flick too. A lot happens, but it comes down to this: Norton or bust. Give a listen,

Interview w/ Matt Mair Lowery - LIFEFORMED Creator

The alien invasion has arrived, and we have Mr. Lowery to thank. Jake + Mitch welcome their new friend and brilliant comic book creator, Matt Mair Lowery, to dish on his visionary young adult series, LIFEFORMED. With book two dropping in September, Lowery expands on the genesis of the narrative and his working relationship with Dark Horse Comics. Along the way, they hit a few notable topics: TERMINATOR 2 and ALIEN still resonate. Animation is still king for comics “watchability”. Is Keaton still the iconic Batman? Of course, it takes a special kind of talent and moxie to make a mark in the comic book arena. Matt certainly fits the bill and LIFEFORMED is a worthy read. Give a listen! SUBSCR

ENDGAME - Yay or Nay? - (Spoilers)

SPOILER ALERT: This episode contains spoilers pretty much from the onset. Listen with care! “I love you 3,000.” AVENGERS ENDGAME has arrived, and the feels are in overdrive. Jake + Mitch chart their way thru the surprising—and not so surprising—character farewells and grade ENGAME’s attempt to close the book on MCU’s core crew. Along they way, they hit a few hot takes: Are INFINITY WAR + ENDGAME this century’s GODFATHER I & II? Who got the worst treatment, Hulk or Thor? Has ANT-MAN AND THE WASP become the most important MCU flick? Don’t worry, it all makes sense in context…at least, that’s what they guys claim. Either way, AVENGERS ENDGAME is a herculean achievement to the likes pop-cul

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