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Shut-Up and Give it to Me

Everyone's favorite sub-series is back! And this time we're making it more than a trilogy.

Jake + Mitch strap on their fan-casting capes for another round of, "wouldn't it be cool if this project were green-list?" Shut-Up and Give it to Me, Vol. IV hits a lot of random stops along the way but promises to bring you faithful listeners one movie and one show that would be utterly awesome.

Here's a quick snapshot of what they've labeled as the next round of "passion projects":

- MiracleMan: Dare we give the keys to Zack Snyder? - America Chavez: Give this series to Jenji Kohan you cowards!

They also manage to share hot takes on Christopher Nolan, Denis' upcoming DUNE flick, and self-quarantine updates. So, yeah, a lot happens--but it's totally worth it.

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