Eternals & New Gods Movies

August 20, 2019



Darkseid is coming, and we couldn't be more stoked!


Jake + Mitch go full geek and deep-dive into the duel Jack Kirby projects soon to hit the big screen.  That's right, with both NEW GODS and ETERNALS projects in pre-production, the cultural zeitgeist is about to go full-on galactic. The guys hit a few points along the way:


- Who's the next MCU big bad: Dr. Doom or Annihilus?
- What makes Ava DuVernay the perfect helmer for NEW GODS?
- Is Angelina Jolie mic drop worthy?


One thing is certain, NEW GODS carries game-changing potential for the DCEU.  And Darkseid finally getting the movie treatment is worth celebrating. 


Also, Jake got a Great Dane.



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