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ENDGAME - Yay or Nay? - (Spoilers)

SPOILER ALERT: This episode contains spoilers pretty much from the onset. Listen with care!

“I love you 3,000.”

AVENGERS ENDGAME has arrived, and the feels are in overdrive. Jake + Mitch chart their way thru the surprising—and not so surprising—character farewells and grade ENGAME’s attempt to close the book on MCU’s core crew. Along they way, they hit a few hot takes:

Don’t worry, it all makes sense in context…at least, that’s what they guys claim. Either way, AVENGERS ENDGAME is a herculean achievement to the likes pop-culture has never seen. It’s been an incredible ride, and the most anticipated comic book movie of the year did not disappoint.

Please note, this episode contains SPOILERS!!!

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