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Best Comic Movies Ever

Someone's got to decide, right?

Jake + Mitch go straight for the jugular by tackling the daunting task of ranking the Top 5 Best Comic Book Movies of All-Time. Imperfect as the exercise may be, a few of our favorite heroes—Spider-Man, Superman, Batman—all get shout-outs. Though, along the way, the guys hit a few crazy questions:

By the time you listen to this episode, their lists will have changed. But as for 9:51 p.m. on a Thursday night, the respective top fives are immortalized on the internet. Because what good is ranking comic book movies if you don’t regret a few hot-takes after the fact? With different titles in the top-spots—the conversation gets real.

Be sure to share your Top 5 Comic Flick List with the guys on Twitter: @WatchComixPod.

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