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DC Streaming Service

Whether we asked for it or not, DC’s new streaming service is coming. And with it, a whole slew of promises and question marks.

Jake + Mitch put on their marketing hats, and discuss DC Universe and what it could mean for the looming “Streaming Wars”. Ultimately, there has to be some drop-off and/or service consolidation, right? And what about this "curated" comic book library experience? We just don't want it to suck. But for now, DC Universe marches on.

With a new foul-mouthed Robin the new streaming service from the DC / Warner Bros. empire is trying really, really hard to “capture the moment”. Although, the sleeper in all this may be the lesser-known Alan Moore masterpiece. Jake proposes now may be the perfect time for Swamp Thing to resurrect and captivate our attention. Here’s hoping they stay true to the horror-laden source material.

And of course, what episode would be complete without the random—but completely applicable—shout outs? This one packs Keanu Reeves and The Great British Baking Show. It’ll make sense—we promise.

Give a listen!

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