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Dick Tracy Review

“Calling Dick Tracy, Calling Dick Tracy!”

That’s right, we’re jumping back into the 90’s to re-live the glory that is Warren Beatty’s modern classic, DICK TRACY.

Jake + Mitch investigate whether the flick still holds up, or crumbles under the weight of childhood nostalgia. With the likes of Al Pacino, Madonna, Dustin Hoffman, Kathy Bates, and so many more familiar faces—it’s hard to believe a film about a then 60 year old comic strip would garner so much attention, star power, and—yes—Academy Awards.

One thing is certain; we’ve never seen a comic-inspired title like it—before, or since. Truly a unicorn of vibrant, noir awesomeness.

Also, Jake’s devoted fandom gives him heatstroke, and Mitch shares his Madonna obsession.

Grab your bright yellow trench coats, strap-on your walkie talkie watch, and give a listen!

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