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Fan-Casting Directors for Comic Flicks

Fan-casting just got real.

Jake + Mitch return with a Shut-Up and Give It To Me-adjacent episode. The guys pick their go to writers, directors, and creatives they'd like to see venture into the comic book movie arena next. Because even with all the great comic stuff hitting our screens, there's still room for more. Along the way they hit four exciting potential projects:

- Who should write the next wave of X-Men flicks? - Could we see Lynne Ramsay taking on an indie comic film? - Is there a recipe to finally getting Swamp Thing right? - What if we Matt Stone + Trey Parker a comic property?

To be honest, this episode couldn't have been more on-brand. But tell us you're not excited about the prospect of the South Park guys giving us a comic film! There's a lot to unpack, but some of these crazy ideas just might be good.

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