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'Hawkeye' - Good, Bad, or Meh?

Remember that time they made a Christmas show about Hawkeye and a Broadway musical about Captain America?

Jake + Mitch break down the good, the fun, and the overstuffed with Marvel's latest limited series, 'Hawkeye'. Because with all the cameos, all the flashbacks, and all the threads of future projects, this show certainly brought the heat.

Along the way the guys ask:

- Good TV or should've been a movie?

- How many story lines can we include in a final episode?

- What does the future hold for Steinfeld's Kate Bishop?

Ultimately, the MCU gave us a strong year of ambitious TV and 'Hawkeye' definitely earned its place among the better titles. But we still have a lot of questions, which... could be a good thing. Maybe.

Be sure to give a listen, rate, and review!

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