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Impossible Questions - Scott Pilgrim

The Watching Comics Pod returns with another installment of...


Attempting to answer daunting questions; or at least re-visiting something we may have underestimated. Quick takes, sharp focus, and endless Twitter-blasting potential.

Co-Host Jake shares his bold take from a favorite flick:

Is it possible the SCOTT PILGRIM vs THE WORLD movie is better than the comics?

In a few quick minutes, Jake dishes on why the movie--and leading character--changed his life, and why the comics, which are great in their own right, don't quite stick the landing like the flick.

BONUS: You're invited to a party!

Don't worry, it's quarantine friendly. The guys are hosting their first ever, "Watching Comics Comic Watch". That's right, Saturday, April 11th @ 9:30 pm (CST) WCP is hosting a SCOTT PILGRIM Netflix watch party. You won't want to miss it. Hit up our Twitter for details.

TWITTER: @WatchComixPod

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