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INCREDIBLE HULK & Ed Norton w/ Maite of ComicsVerse

Contrary to popular belief, we like him when he's angry.

Jake + Mitch dish on the oft forgotten MCU gem, THE INCREDIBLE HULK. More importantly, ComicsVerse's Maite Molina-Muñiz (@_maite14) joins the discussion in her lauded second pod appearance. Along the way they hit a few pressing questions:

- Is Edward Norton the best Hulk? - Did this movie solve origin fatigue back in 2008? - And what's with Marvel underserving Liv Tyler, Natalie Portman & Rachel McAdams?

Hot takes are shared, green dudes debated, and Captain America gets demoted. Oh, and they may have cast Daniel Day-Lewis in his first comic book flick too. A lot happens, but it comes down to this: Norton or bust.

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