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Re-Visiting, 'Iron Man' & RDJ's Legacy

Our lives changed in 2008 and it's all because of Tony Stark.

To kick-off Iron Man Month, Jake + Mitch re-visit the movie that started it all, John Favreau's IRON MAN. Because awesome as the MCU is, it's hard to imagine the comic book movie renaissance taking form without this landmark installment.

Along the way, the guys hit a few questions:

- Does the MCU become the MCU without Robert Downey Jr.?

- Remember when leading with Iron Man was considered a gamble?

- Is Tony Stark relatable?

Stylish, fun, epic, and really, really cool it comes as no surprise that IRON MAN still delivers the goods all these years later. And we're still marveling over Jeff Bridges bringing his awesomeness to this movie.

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