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What Do We Make of J.J. Abrams?

Is being mostly good really good enough?

Jake + Mitch share thoughts on the latest DC property hitting HBO Max. In some ways, they celebrate that JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK is finally getting the TV treatment. In others, they can't help but wonder: Is J.J. Abrams the best choice to run the show?

What starts as an innocent conversation on the new DC series turns into a full-blown Abrams examination. The guys go through his IMDb rap sheet, and ask a few questions along the way:

- Why does J.J. seem to only operate in existing properties? - What's the best work he's ever done? - Will this new JLD series work?

There's a lot to unpack when it comes to a popular name like Mr. Abrams. Regardless of where everyone lands we know the internet will be full of rumors and takes.

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