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Breaking Down 'Logan'

Wolverine got the Western treatment and we felt things ... well, maybe.

X-Men Month continues with Jake + Mitch breaking down Wolverine's dramatic final chapter, 'Logan'. Between our favorite mutants going Western, to the inevitable tragic coda -- the film certainly wants to be taken seriously. Almost to a point where it must be asked:

Yes, 'Logan' is good ... but is it great?

Also, along the way, the guys hit a few other stops:

- Does the movie earn its Oscar moment?

- Is James Mangold the Tom Petty of Hollywood directors?

- Where does 'Logan' rank in the field of X-Men cinema?

Widely beloved as this one is, the guys ultimately admit they're take is likely wrong. But at least the conversation was stimulating, right? Either way, 'Logan' goes for grit and it mostly sticks the landing.

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