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'Loki' – Good, Bad, or Meh?

We're all variants here.

Jake + Mitch go full multiverse and dish on the latest MCU show, 'Loki'. And after three years of podcasting, they may have finally found their friendly impasse.

Taking the whole season into scope, the guys breakdown:

  • Did they finally give Loki's character justice?

  • Does high-concept Sci-Fi equal prestige?

  • What if we re-cast Owen Wilson's character?

Amidst all the uncertainty, we can definitively say 'Loki' elicits strong reactions. As far as this podcast is concerned, it may be impossible to say whether the show was great or not. But, hey, at least we got the incredible Johnathan Majors supervillain treatment.

**This episode contains SPOILERS**

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HOSTS: @Thatjakeowens + @MitchRoush

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