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'LXG' and Saying Farewell to Mr. Connery

A true legend has left us.

Jake + Mitch discuss the near mythological career of the late Sir Sean Connery. Whether it be the definitive 007, a late career action star, a nuanced leading man, an Oscar winner, or a pop-culture icon -- the man accomplished what few ever could ... he accomplished it all.

Along the way they also re-visit a not-so-bright-spot on Mr. Connery's career as they break down, 'The League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen'. More specifically they ask:

- Why didn't Justice League for English majors work?

- Did Connery save it?

- Whatever happened to Stephen Norrington?

Every icon has a flop or two, but LXG ultimately ends-up as evidence to the power of Connery's star power. The man was simply unmatched.

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HOSTS: @Thatjakeowens + @MitchRoush

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