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Marvel's Disney+ Line-Up

Disney+ is coming…and with it a bunch more comic book inspired stuff.

Jake + Mitch bust out the time clock and give space to the noteworthy Marvel titles coming soon to hit your small screens. Because what would the magical world of Disney be without more intergalactic awesomeness? In five minute rapid fire rounds, the guys dish on four upcoming shows.

WANDAVISION: Will Kathryn Hahn ensure we finally get the superhero sitcom we deserve?

MS. MARVEL: Everyone’s favorite comic fan becomes a hero and brings with her a new level of marvelous representation.

HAWKEYE: How long until Kate Bishop takes the reins? We hope it’s soon.

MOON KNIGHT: Why do we have to wait two more years for this masterpiece?!

The Disney machine keeps churning, and the new Superhero projects ensure we’ll be busy catching up on all the goodness. In the meantime, there’s still plenty of time to speculate and dish-out hot takes. Like, what in the world is with that LOKI typography?

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