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'Marvel's What If...?' - Good, Bad, or Meh?

What if. . . we told you we finally finished the show?

Jake + Mitch take a full season perspective on Marvel's bold and vibrant animated show, 'What If...?'. Because, well, it's a Marvel property so you know takes will abound.

Along the way the guys ask:

  • Can one bad episode ruin a whole show?

  • Is animation the future of comic book movies?

  • Did 'What If...?' take us back to Saturday morning cartoons?

As far as this podcast is concerned, 'What If...?' delivered the goods (mostly). Here's hoping Marvel leans into that model and brings more creativity to the small screen.

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HOSTS: @Thatjakeowens + @MitchRoush

*WCP is a member of the GeekDad Podcast Network*

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