MCU 11 Years Later

A lot can happen in 11 years.

20 movies, sequels upon sequels, a best picture nomination and a pop-cultural phenomenon unseen since The Beatles hit the states.

Or, for Jake + Mitch, they finished college, found partners, bought houses and had kids.

Either way, we've seen a lot, and with AVENGERS ENDGAME dropping this weekend, a sense of finality grows stronger. Taking all the feels in stride, the guys re-visit the biggest moments for the MCU's world building:

- Does the whole thing crumble without Robert Downey Jr.? - Where would we be without Kevin Feige? - Which is worse, AGE OF ULTRON or DARK WORLD?

Whether Thanos survives or Captain Marvel saves us all, we can definitively say prior to 2008, for us lowly geeks, this all seemed like a far off dream. Re-live the MCU glory days and hear how Jake dominated bar trivia with a bunch of teenagers.

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