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Netflix Trims Down Marvel

Netflix is making moves, and Disney's ready to kick-down the door.

Amidst random World Series takes (Go Sox!), Jake + Mitch share initial reactions to the cutting of IRON FIST and LUKE CAGE from the Netflix dossier of Marvel entertainment.

  • Naturally, there are plenty of conspiracy theories to be had:

  • Does this mean we're (finally) going to see Heroes for Hire?

  • Is Disney flexing a little too early?

  • Or was it simply because IRON FIST was a little...uh...lackluster?

Only time will tell.

For now, J+M focus on what seems to be another stellar season of DAREDEVIL. D'onofrio's Kingpin is back in full force, and that's reason enough to full-blown fanboy.

Give a listen!

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