A New Superman Movie?!

At long last a Superman reboot is coming.

Jake + Mitch dish on the newly announced Supes flick. With Ta-Nehisi Coats tied to write the screenplay and J.J. Abrams slotted to produce, it's hard not to get excited.

Even if the project is barely off the ground, the guys do their best to fan cast the hero himself and the film's director. Along the way they ask:

- Who's your Superman: Michael B. Jordan or Trevante Rhodes?

- Does Miles Teller deserve another shot at being a Superhero?

- Pick a director: F. Gary Gray or Lorene Scafaria?

No matter which way the creative team goes, one thing is certain -- a new look Man of Tomorrow is on the horizon. And, as far as this podcast is concerned, it ought to be magnificent.

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