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Who Will Play Superman?

Henry Cavill has hung up the cape. Another side-effect of the Warner Bros. DCEU saga.

Jake + Mitch share their favorite Man of Steel moments. Throughout the revelations, Jake discovers he may, in fact, be raising his son to be the next Lex Luthor while Mitch’s daughter is fast tracking her way to Supergirl. Through the lens of Daniel Tiger, it all makes sense.

With the gaping vacancy left behind, the guys take it upon themselves to re-cast the iconic Man of Tomorrow.

Obviously, per everyone on the internet, Michael B. Jordan is the front-runner. What would that bold choice mean for Supes’ origin story? Also, could Karl Urban finally break through the glass ceiling of, “that guy in geek flicks”? What would it look like if Oscar Isaac took a turn as Superman: Red Son? And who’s the “unknown” pick waiting in the wings?

Sprinkling in a dash of Nicholas Cage, a pinch of film theory, and a cup-full of Viggo—Superman takes center stage as they pitch favorite arcs they’d like to see on screen.

We may have lost the actor, but we all know Superman will grace the big screen again.

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