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Remembering 'V for Vendetta'

Do you remember the 5th of November?

Jake + Mitch (finally) dive into one of the finest comic book flicks of recent memory, 'V for Vendetta'. Fifteen years later and the film still feels fresh and timely. But even thru all deserved critical acclaim and cult status, there are still a few key facets worth unpacking.

- Is 'V for Vendetta' the 'Good Will Hunting' of comic book movies?

- Could Natalie Portman be the MVP?

- Who does this movie belong to?: The Wachowski Sisters or James McTeigue

A bold, stunning, and herculean film all-in-all; the guys ultimately share the lukewarm take that 'V' delivers the goods. Also along the way, Mitch recalls tales from high school dating and Jake shares the brief history of his baldness.

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