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Scott Pilgrim, Batman Forever & Forgotten Favorites

Which comic-book-inspired movies deserve more love?

Jake + Mitch dive headfirst into the underrated waters to dish on the not-so-iconic titles that deserve a second chance. Or, at least, carry thick nostalgia that's worth re-visiting. The big takeaway remains, though Marvel and DC dominate the zeitgeist, we've plenty of "lesser known" comic movies to enjoy that still hold up.

The guys dare to ask:

- BATMAN FOREVER or BATMAN BEGINS: Which is better? - Is SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD a coming-of-age masterpiece? - Karl Urban vs Sly Stallone: Who wins?

And much, much more. Be sure to stick around for the end; because THE TICK gets a special shout-out as well.

Give a listen, and rate and review!

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