JESSICA JONES - Ending the Run

A.K.A - Everything ends and is sad.

Jake + Mitch go existential as they grapple with the close of Netflix's Jessica Jones. A legit prestige TV title and delicious 21st Century noir; JJ gave us a three season run that rarely fell short. Naturally, the last run presented a few questions:

- Is s3 the last vestige of "bloated" Netflix series? - How do Killgrave, Cotton Mouth, and Fisk stack-up to MCU's villain arsenal? - Is Jessica Jones the best of the Marvel TV titles?

They also get a little side-tracked with some scalding hot Star Wars takes. It makes sense...mostly. Bottom line, Jessica Jones ranks among the best of the bunch. Now it's time to re-watch the whole series, because we can't believe it's over.

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