Guest - Zack Q. of Batman's Bookcase

December 14, 2018

 WCP hits the big-time with writer, comic reader, and fanboy, Zack Quaintance. 

Jake + Mitch sit down with their new BFF, Zack, to dish on the origin story of the successful comic book opinion web-site, BATMAN'S BOOKCASE.  Along the way they touch on toxic fandom, Iron Man's surprising appeal and staying power, Tobey's Spider-Man, and Zack's Top 5 Comic Book Flicks.

But most of all, they settle the debate once and for all between Cake or Pie.

This one proves to be a good hang; complete with love (and less than love) for LOGAN and CIVIL WAR.  It'll make sense, we promise.

Hit Zack up on Twitter: @BatmansBookcase 
And be sure to check out


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