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Spider-Man FFH - Yay or Nay?

The third second Spider-Man movie has arrived!

Jake + Mitch sling back into the MCU to dish on Peter Parker's latest adventure abroad. Considering all the post-Endgame world-building the flick was tasked with, SMFFH managed to deliver a superb follow-up to Homecoming...and deliver a few surprises along the way.

- Is J.K. Simmons the best comic book movie casting of all-time? - Is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 better than Far From Home? - Where do we stand on Gyllenhaal's purple cape antics?

Naturally, we the guys wouldn't be doing their jobs unless they forecast where the next Spidey flick could be headed. And it better include the Sinister Six. The hashtag campaign starts now:


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