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SPIDERVERSE & Ranking Spidey Flicks

And just like that, everything changes.

Jake + Mitch dive into the innovative and colorful world of animated awesomeness. SPIDERMAN INTO THE SPIDERVERSE has burst onto the scene with fresh, vibrant visuals, impeccable humor, and surprising nuance. Basically what we're saying is:

This movie is really flippin' good. does it stack-up against the other animated titan of the year, INCREDIBLES 2? Where does SPIDERVERSE rank in the list of Spidey Flicks? And what do we make of superhero movies going forward?

They guys share their takes on mainstream animation in the comic book arena; and yes, they still find time to trash SPIDER-MAN 3.

Give a listen!

Hosts: @MitchRoush and @Thatjakeowens

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