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Donner, Reeve, & 'Superman'

Since 1978 we believed a man can fly.

Jake + Mitch re-visit the majestic feature that started it all, Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie. With an all-star cast and incredible spectacle, the guys discuss the lasting impact of the comic book film that started it all. Along the way they hit a few notable topics:

- Is the run from '77 - '85 the original summer blockbuster renaissance?

- What's the secret to "fixing" future Superman projects?

- Could it be the best comic book cast set to screen?

With all that said, it all comes back to the convergence of fantastical IP storytelling and stunning filmmaking. And no matter where your allegiance lies, DC, Marvel, or otherwise, Superman: The Movie proves some work is just plain good and universally beloved.

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