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Re-Visiting, 'The Matrix', w/ Movies After Work

Red pill or blue pill?

Jake + Mitch are joined by internet friend and fellow film buff, Thomas from the Movies After Work Podcast, to dish on the 1999 Sci-Fi classic, 'The Matrix'. Because even all these years later, Neo is still the one.

Along the way, the guys ask:

- Is Hugo Weaving untouchable?

- Do we have 'The Matrix' to thank for Christopher Nolan's career?

- Which is more influential: 'The Matrix' or 'Blade Runner'?

Somehow 'The Matrix' exists as both a perfect time capsule and an intergenerational phenomenon. Indeed, once you venture down the rabbit hole nothing stays the same.


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GUEST: Thomas - Movies After Work Podcast - @MoviesWork

HOSTS: @Thatjakeowens + @MitchRoush

*WCP is a member of the GeekDad Podcast Network*

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