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'ThoughtScape Comics' w/ Matt Mair Lowery

How do you create and launch your own comic anthology?

Jake + Mitch welcome back friend of the pod, Matt Mair Lowery, to dive deep into his latest creative project, 'ThoughtScape' A sci-fi anthology comic book series in the tradition of 2000 AD, Black Mirror, and The Twilight Zone. Because when an idea for more high-quality "sad boy sci-fi" hits, you run with it.

The guys unpack the the process behind crafting the comic anthology approach, getting the gang of creatives together, launching thru Kickstarter, and the importance of stretching yourself creatively. And, naturally, dissecting the nostalgia factor and how it influences future creative pursuits.

No doubt, THOUGHTSCAPE is a can't miss project.

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GUEST: Matt Mair Lowery - @mattmlpdx

HOSTS: @Thatjakeownens + @MitchRoush

*WCP is a member of the GeekDad Podcast Network*

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