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Shut-Up and Give it to Me

Everyone’s favorite sub-series is back! Well … at least it’s the hosts’ favorite. Jake + Mitch venture back into the realm of fan-casting and what if’s. Shut-Up and Give it to Me, Vol. III take a few weird turns as the guys dish on the comic books they’d most like to see get the big screen or Netflix treatment. Here’s a quick snapshot of what they’ve labeled as their “passion projects”: - Thundercats gets the Spider-Verse treatment. - Star Wars goes Samurai. - Tommy Lee Jones tackles a psychotic football coach. - Matt Mair Lowrey’s LIFEFORMED earns prestige TV status. So, yeah, a lot happens—so strap in for geek-tactic weirdness. And admit the world would be a better place with THE SEVEN JEDI ruling the box office. Right? Be sure to rate, review, and give a listen!

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HOSTS: @Thatjakeowens + @MitchRoush *WCP is a member of the GeekDad Podcast Network*

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