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'Umbrella Academy' Round Two ... Again

From 1963 and back to 2019 … Well, sort of.

Jake + Mitch dive into the last six episodes of UMBRELLA ACADEMY S2. With Vanya's amnesia colliding with her self-discovery, Diego + Lila's toxic love, The Handler's dastardly deeds, and a slew of surprises, this season held nothing back.  So what are the biggest takeaways?:

  • Could season two be the best of the bunch?

  • Did Kate Walsh take home the MVP award?

  • What do we make of Number Five: Perfectly crafted character or too over the top?

Tasked with stopping yet another apocalypse, UA seems to have found the secret sauce to character study in between zany music queues. Overall, the rest of the season brought the goods and then some.

But one question remains: What secrets will Season Three hold?

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