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VENOM - Here's What We Thought

Is it sym-BY-ote, sym-BEE-ote, or sym-BEE-ut? The world may never know. But at least the movie had incredible visuals.

After putting the kids to bed, and powering through their exhausted "adulting" status--Jake + Mitch saw VENOM opening night. Naturally, they had a lot of thoughts.

Could Tom Hardy and his newest voice choice carry the movie? Why were they so dead-set to (seemingly) shoot a rough-draft script? Did anyone else laugh at Woody's wig?

Ultimately, the movie brought the heat. Mistakes were made, but VENOM delivered in fun, entertainment, and killer action sequences.

Plus, Mitch dives down the "movie economics" rabbit-hold, and Jake re-evaluates Hardy's film log.

Give a listen!

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