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What We Wanna See - Vol. 2

Even in the over-saturated world of Comic Book flicks and TV picks, we can't get enough. Back for another rousing round of, "Shut up and give it to me!", Jake + Mitch break down four comics they'd most like to see it the big and small screens. Because, as far as they're concerned, there's always room for more. Mitch pitches everyone's favorite plus-sized super-femme, and a swanky, Bojack-like Hanna-Barbera classic. Jake dives into complex underworlds of feminist rats, and Jedi-adjacent mind-melds giving spotlight to criminally underrated titles. Plus, a plunge into the ultimate question: Can a movie be good and still fail to represent the source material well? Only the X-Men have the answer. Recorded live on Mitch's garage, this episode packs wildly creative ideas over the hushed flow of neighborhood ambiance. It was a totally intentional choice and not due to the fact that his Mother-in-Law was in town visiting. Give a listen!

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