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'Willow' with Mike G. from Masters of the Nerdiverse

They don't make 'em like they used to.

Jake + Mitch welcome special guest Mike G. from Masters of the Nerdiverse Podcast to dish on a true cult classic, WILLOW. Because legacy matters and it's high-time the guys lay down their definitive takes on George Lucas' random epic about wizards and witches.

Along the way they tackle the tough topics:

- Is WILLOW just a poor man's LORD OF THE RINGS?

- Mullet Wars: Val Kilmer vs Billy Ray Cyrus

- Remember when good practical effects were a thing?

From rich storytelling to traumatized childhood nostalgia, WILLOW really is a miracle of a film. And with a legacy like that it's easy to see how the love for such a wild flick runs so deep.

The 80s were a wild time and we're all the better for it. Right?

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GUEST: Mike G. - @MNerdiverse

HOSTS: @Thatjakeownens + @MitchRoush

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