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'Wonder Woman 1984' - Review

Well, we traveled back to the 80s and a lot happened.

Jake + Mitch dish on the latest DCEU film, Wonder Woman 1984. Despite the whirlwind of Twitter noise surrounding the flick, the guys seek to answer one looming question:

Is WW84 a good movie or a problematic one?

Because with the first installment setting the tone, expectations this time around were sky high. Along the way they also hit a few key topics:

- Have Pedro Pascal + Kristen Wiig elevated comic book camp into an art form?

- Just how bad was Diana's character regression?

- How will we view this movie three years later?

True to form, there's never a shortage of stuff to unpack when the DC canon is involved. This one, amidst all the vibrant colors, had its fair share of issues too.

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