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'Days of Future Past' or 'Apocalypse' - Which is Better?

Good, bad, or simply mediocre?

X-Men Month continues with Jake + Mitch pitting two titles against each other. Because, at long last, the world deserves to know, which is better?:

'Days of Future Past' or 'Apocalypse'

Between sloppy dialogue, fantastic moments, and a lot of uncertainty, the guys attempt to break down the age old struggle of expectation against reality. Also, along the way, they ask a few questions:

- Is 'Days of Future Past' a "Big Mac" movie?

- Why didn't get Kitty Pride a better opportunity?

- Is 'X-Men Apocalypse' a fun genre romp or just plain bad?

No matter where they land one thing is certain -- the X-Men cinematic universe has a wide range of hits and misses. But there's never any shortage of takes to be had.

Be sure to give a listen, rate, and review!

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HOSTS: @Thatjakeowens + @MitchRoush

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