Does 'X-Men: First Class' Hold Up?

Is it possible to love and movie and still want it to be better?

X-Men Month continues with Jake + Mitch diving into the new-but-old line of mutant flicks, 'X-Men: First Class'. Between the bold recasting and the familiar tension of Xavier + Magneto, this film found a way to both entertain and while leaving us wanting just a little bit more.

The guys ask the important questions as they unpack the flick:

- Is Fassbender a modern-day Brando?

- Why can't the X-Men movies do right by their leading ladies?

- Where does 'First Class' land in the field of X-Men cinema?

Ultimately, this one delivers on its promise and it still holds up even ten years later. So maybe there's room for 'X-Men: First Class' in the upper tier after all.

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