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MCU Adding X-Men?

Make room, Marvel, 'cuz the Mutants are moving-in!

Before Jake + Mitch re-build the X-Men mythology for the MCU, they break-down the nostalgic philosophy of Zebra Stripe Gum and Bubble Tape. Because the '90's are still important to two 30-something bald dudes with kids.

Next, Mitch introduces Apocalypse Order, the new way to view the X-Men Extended Universe; while Jake dumps Prof. X and Mags for a new 'Schism' in the ever-growing Avengers arena. Plus, Benicio del Toro as Wolverine? It makes more sense than you may think.

And don't worry...they guys found time to shout-out everyone's favorite geriatric sitcom, The Golden Girls, and briefly throw-down over Star Wars prequels. Basically, this episode packs a lot of heat.

Give a listen!

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